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March 2010

My Cup of Tea

by Traci on March 31, 2010

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Today I walked around the house and took some quick pics of places and things that have been cold and dormant. After some labor of constructing… clearing and raking… turning of soil, planting of seeds… trimming of thorns and pulling of weeds… these barren places will be ready for life to spring forth! Then, I’ll […]


(This video is somewhat graphic in nature. The images are used from the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and I neither endorse nor denounce it. I chose this because I feel we shouldn’t hide nor be ignorant from the reality of the suffering Jesus Christ bore on our behalf. It was real. It should […]

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Beloved, It never fails. I always tear up. Sometimes silently, deeply, I weep. When I hear the words, it seems so surreal. Each and every time. You’d think after all these years and after all the sermons and conversations I’ve heard and had the story would get ‘old’. It hasn’t, and I hope it never […]


Beloved, Revive my slumbering soul, O Lord, with the sound of Your gentle whisper. Refresh my weak and weary spirit, O God, with the power of Your Holy one.Restore my aching body, O Healer, with the bruises of Your very own.Renew my innermost parts, O Father, with the sweetness of Your tender mercies.Rekindle my heart’s […]


Do you? ~traci


(Thank You Amanda and Bridget for being so inspiring to me!!) (For greater effect, read this with an Australian accent a la Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter. Trust me.) Shhhhhh….here she is mates! Ain’t she a beaut? The elusive homemade cake in her natural environment. Check out the rounded, quasi-symmetry of the shape of her protective […]


Be Unto Your Name

by Traci on March 9, 2010

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