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February 2011

It’s all about Love… Lord, help me to see and to know and to feel and to understand what it is to truly love and to be loved. ~Amen. 151~the Love of a Creator 152~the Love of a Savior 153~the Love of a Father 154~the Love of a husband 155~the Love of a child 156~the […]


I’m SO grateful for another chance to count my blessings and to share what I’m thankful for… 141~a sky that brings forth¬† shimmering snow 142~a sun that brings forth beaming light 143~a moon that brings forth heavenly glow 144~a furnace that brings forth warm feet 145~a stove that brings forth good eats 146~a home that […]


I capture a lot of images with my camera. Almost everyday, of just about anything that strikes my fancy. I’ve always been drawn in by photographs. If I could afford it, I’d have a whole library of those ridiculously fabulous over sized books full of pictures you can get at book stores. You know, the […]


There’s a gentle breeze blowing outside. I can tell by the swaying of the snow laden bird feeder in the front yard. A chickadee, safely perched a few branches away tilts its head left, then up, then right and left again.¬† He’s weighing his chances of success before he swoops down for the prize. A […]


I plan on writing more. I plan on sharing more photos. I plan on expanding the topics I write about. I also plan on sharing my love of cooking, baking and all things kitchen and company related with you in the form of photos, recipes, links, tutorials and what have you. I plan on sharing […]


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