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June 2012

These last weeks are a reality check for me. What I had hoped to accomplish, well, didn’t happen. I didn’t even come close. I tried to push through the fatigue of a busy schedule. I tried to push past some emotional problems…it was too much. Or should I say, I was too weak? Yeah, that’s […]


“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” ~Matthew 26:41 It’s been one of those couple of weeks. The kind where all of my intentions of being spiritually strong have crumbled in light of my humanity, my weaknesses on display. All the plans to start […]


Life was tough last year. It’s taken awhile for things to settle, well, as much as they can be after a major loss. I think I have finally got my bearings straightened out enough to get back into the kitchen. So, I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to my idea […]

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Today at church, after graduates and their parents were honored, a song of admonition was sung as a reminder of our service to the Lord on this earth… When It’s All Been Said and Done written by Jim Cowan; sung by Robin Mark When it’s all been said and done There is just one thing […]


I actually started this on Wednesday, so it’s not a whole, official week. Eh, close enough. Let me start by saying how amazing this has been for me: This has been amazing for me! I have been wanting to hand write the Bible for years, and actually, years ago, I did start trying. I can’t […]


I always have ideas running through my head. I’m constantly brainstorming and if you’ve ever talked to me you most likely have heard these words: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”  Thing is, I’m a starter, but not such a great finisher. I’ve heard it called being a ‘visionary’. Sounds much more romantic and spiritual than […]


One day I watched a ladybug, so small there on the ground, He stretched his teeny, tiny legs in hopes of morsel to be found. This way, that way, through wood and dirt piled high, He made it to the tippy top, where there he thought inside, “I am but a little bug, searching for […]


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