“My Space Shuttle Feelings” {Remembering the 1986 Challenger Disaster}

28 January 2014

I’m rummaging around in my bedroom closet for something, as I write this, I can’t remember what it was. I can’t find it so I try the small storage space under the basement stairs. As I tear the place apart move stuff around, I still don’t find it, but as I look up I see […]

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Everything Starts With A Step

20 January 2014

I’ve been writing in this space for almost 8 years. Part of me feels like I’ve shared so much of myself while the other part of me, knows I haven’t really shared much of anything. I’m good at that. Too good. My life is marked by the ability to only let others see what I […]

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When Losing A “Friend” Looks A Lot Like Finding Freedom

19 November 2013

The sun peaks around the corner of the drapes where I didn’t pull it over far enough before I went to bed. It’s warmth and glow draw a line on my bed as I try to convince myself it’s time to get up, as in actually out of the bed. I roll over and somehow […]

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When God Whispers Your Name, With Thunder

30 October 2013

Once upon a time, there was a small girl, who lived in a small world. It may have been a small world but it was also a busy world with noisy, polluted darkness. And all the noise and all the darkness made her sad and lonely and very afraid. Even so, every day she would […]

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Making Marriage Memories & Being Minnesotan

19 October 2013

You know, I just love being a Minnesota girl. I really do. I’m probably a bit biased because I mostly grew up here and it’s mostly all I know, but let me tell ya, I’ve done some traveling and while there have been some places I would love to revisit and would even consider moving […]

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The Colors of Change

15 October 2013

This last weekend my wonderful and not-so-spontaneous husband decided, spontaneously, he would whisk me away for a very, very, very much needed getaway. Just the two of us. For 24 hours. Alone. This time, He even did all the planning. All I needed to do was pack. WOW!! I mean, we’re talking super coolness here. […]

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It’s More Like Starting A Whole New Book

9 September 2013

When I started blogging I had absolutely no idea what it was or what I was doing, let alone any idea of where it would lead. (If you want to have a chuckle, here are some of my very first posts. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either.) Ok, let’s just hit the […]

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